Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rimmel GlamEyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner: Review + Swatches!

I was given the Rimmel GlamEyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner from my mom after she used it one time and decided she wasn't a fan of liquid eyeliner. Since this liner did not convince my mom to join the liquid liner band wagon, I wasn't sure it would convince me to join. I had never tried liquid eyeliner before, since I was satisfied with my gel and pencil eyeliners, but I decided to give this eyeliner a try.

Packaging and Brush
I was somewhat impressed by the brush and the formula considering the reasonable price for the product. The packaging is very compact and takes up minimal space. As for the applicator, the brush is long, but I found that I had some control of the brush, allowing for me to make smooth lines. The brush is also fairly thin and has a very pointed tip, making it easy to create thin lines and wings. Thicker lines could also be made by pressing a little harder when applying the liner.

Although it wasn't very difficult creating thin and thick lines, it did involve a lot of concentration and patience. It may be hard to control the thickness of line, since the brush is sensitive to how hard you press the eyeliner, causing the line to not be the desired width. I found myself going through quite a lot of q-tips with this liner, since it is sometimes easy to mess up the line.

As for the formulation, the liner was smooth and went on shiny, but dries matte. The longer the liner stays on the lids, the resistant the liner was to smudging. This liner, however, is not by all means waterproof! It may be water resistant, such as with rain, but I would not recommend wearing this liner to the beach or the pool.


   - Thin brush
   - Pointed brush tip
   - Can create very thin lines
   - Smooth formula
   - Doesn't flake

   - Not waterproof
   - Can be hard to control

Price: $6.29 at Walgreens

Would I repurchase this product? No

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

I hope you found this post helpful!
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