Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My 5 Reminders Of Summer

Photo credits: Watermelon / Sunscreen / Shorts / Blueberries / Porch Swing

There are always those things that bring us back or remind us of a certain feelings. For me, there are a few things that can remind me of summer in an instant, whether it's part of my annual summer routine or brings me back to past summers. This post will feature five of the small things that remind me that it is summer.

1. Watermelon

There's something about biting into a crisp slice of watermelon that brings me back to sitting on the deck during a hot day. Nothings as refreshing as cold watermelon, and I am always surprised with how much I can eat in one sitting. Plus it's a great way to help stay hydrated!

2. Sunscreen

Nothing smells like summer like the smell of sunscreen. Since it's applied everyday when the sun's out, it's no wonder that it always reminds me of just not summer, but also when my parents applied heaps of it on me before I headed off to summer camp.

3. Shorts

Since I live in a place where the only time that you can wear shorts is in the late spring and summer, it is not a surprise that bring out the shorts reminds me of summer.

4. Blueberries

Blueberries remind of summer particularly because when I little, my mom would always take my sister and I blueberry picking in near-by "U-Pick" farms. Nothing tasted better than blueberries fresh off the tree!

5. Porch Swing

When I'm in school, I don't get the pleasure of sitting on a porch swing right out on the deck. When I come back home though in the summer, the porch swing is my go-to spot, whether it's for reading, napping, or writing blog posts (which is where I am right now).

Extras: The summer is always the perfect opportunity to get into a classic book or good beach read!

What things remind of you that it's summer?

I would love to read it in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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