Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Music Video Inspired Outfits!

Taylor's record beating sales on her newest album didn't surprise those who loved her changing music style and her music video didn't disappoint! The minute that I saw Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video, I immediately wanted every outfit that she wore. This video is probably my favorite of all her music videos and I knew that I had to do a post featuring some the outfits in the video. Below are my recreations of some of her outfits from her video. To see where the items in the recreations are from, click on the item descriptions in the pink font!

Outfit #1
I absolutely love this first outfit and is definitely one I will take a lot of inspiration from! To recreate this preppy look, start off with a loose white long sleeve top (I may actually need to buy the one above from Tobi). Next, add a pair of olive colored skinny pants and a pair of dark brown riding boots. For accessories, add a pair of silver round earrings and a pair of white cat-eye sunglasses. If you want the exact look, finish the outfit with a pair of black gloves!

Outfit #2
Although this outfit was only shown briefly in the music video, the thing that caught my attention was surprisingly not the dress, but the shoes! To recreate this perfect night-out outfit, start with a lace black dress. Taylor's dress is obviously sheer on the bottom, which I think fits the video, but the average person will most likely not be wearing an exact duplicate of her dress. For my favorite part of the outfit, add a pair of cutout black heeled booties. Finish the outfit with a pair of black stud earrings and pin back the hair on one side of your head with a simple chic black hair clip.

Outfit #3
Okay, maybe this isn't the best screenshot of Taylor Swift, but it was best one to show the outfit. The outfit that she wore in this scene is more wearable than the previous outfit and embodies the same preppy style as the first out. To recreate this outfit, start off with a dark red short sleeve sweater. For the pants, Taylor was wearing a pair of pink plaid cropped pants, but for a similar look, you can either go for a pair of pink plaid cropped pants or solid light pink pants. Add a blue and silver statement necklace and a pair of nude flats and the look is complete!

Outfit #4
So maybe this last outfit is one that most people wouldn't wear on an everyday basis, but I just had to include it because it was just so gorgeous. As dressed up as this outfit is, it can be worn for a more formal night out and those nights where you just to dress up a little. To recreate this outfit, first wear a black lace maxi dress. For a more wearable option, instead go for a long sleeve short lace black dress. Although her shoes that she wore in this outfit weren't shown, any pair of black sandal heels would work well with the outfit. Finish the outfit with a pair of white drop earrings and navy cocktail ring!

What was your favorite outfit from the video?
I've posted the video below in case you haven' seen it yet:
Please leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Love this!! I've actually been planning a Blank Space fashion post for a while but haven't got around to it yet! Perfect outfit inspiration for Summer!! /

  2. I'm so happy you liked the post! Thanks for stopping by!


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