Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Face Shop Clean Face Mild Lotion Review!

On my summer trip to Korea, one of the beauty items that I was on the hunt for was a good moisturizer (check out my Korea haul here!). I wanted something that was moisturizing without being too heavy, since I have combination-oily skin. I decided to stop by The Face Shop so I had only good things about the brand, and decided to pick up the The Face Shop Clean Face Mild Lotion. This Mild Lotion contains tea tree oil and is made for those who have oily skin and are prone to breakouts. It also claims to help reduce the oiliness of your skin.

The product itself is great for those who have really oily skin like me and find most moisturizers too greasy. The moisturizer is thin, but not too thin, making it a great light product. I add a thinker layer of the product on drier spots, since some areas get a little on the dry side after I wash my face. This product immediately absorbs into the skin, which doesn't leave your skin with a oily finish. As for the scent, the moisturizer also has a subtle fresh scent that isn't too powerful, so it won't cause any headaches.

I have a love-hate relationship with the packaging on the product. I love that the bottle is very sturdy and well made. The bottle is on the heavier skin and would probably break if dropped on a hard surface. The bottle also feels expensive, even though the product was a drugstore price. As for the downsides of the packaging, to dispense the product, there is not pump but instead just a sort of hole. Since the bottle is hard and not flexible, this means that you have to shake the moisturizer out of the bottle onto your hand to get the product out, not making it the most convenient product.

   - Great for oily skin
   - Moisturizes without oily residue
   - Absorbs quickly
   - Sleek and sturdy packaging
   - Affordable price
   - Subtle fresh scent

   - Not great for those who have dry areas on your skin
   - Difficult to get product out of the bottle

Price: About $11 (₩11,500)

Would I repurchase? Maybe

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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