Monday, May 26, 2014

Get the Style: Ariana Grande 'Problem' Live Preformance Outfit!

Ariana Grande's new song 'Problem', which has topped the charts and has recently been my new guilty pleasure song. Not only does she having an amazing voice, but she also has a great on-stage style during her live performances. During some of her recent performances, Ariana Grande has been pulling off an all-black outfit that is chic yet easy to recreate! I have put together some options to recreate Ariana Grande's look! Read on to see my take on her on-stage look!

Long Sleeve TopBralette, Short Sleeve Top
Ariana Grande seems to always wears a black crop top when preforming 'Problem' live. The black long sleeve off-the-shoulder tee is the exact one that she was wearing when performing at the Ellen Degenerous show. On 'Dancing with the Stars', she went for a black crop top, so any cropped tank or bralette would work for this look. For a (little more) conservative look, a black cropped short sleeve top would work well! Overall, any cropped black top would work to get her look!

Cropped Pants, Jeans
For her bottoms, she went for high-waisted cropped blacks (the exact pair is shown on the left), which shows just the right amount of skin when paired with a cropped top. An alternative to this though is black high waisted jeans that are cuffed at the bottom. Cropped bottoms balance the high-waisted part of the pants, and is very flattering!

Heels, Flats
For shoes, when she wasn't wearing her signature tall white boots, Ariana Grande always wore a pair of  black classic patent leather pointy pumps. An alternative to heels is a pair of black patent leather pointy toed flats. The black shoes and pointy toe compliment the rest of the outfit, since it doesn't clash and instead makes the outfit look more chic.

I hope you found this post helpful!
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