Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorite Winter Scents: Countdown to Christmas #12

For my second to last Countdown to Christmas post, I decided to post about my top winter scents for the cooler months, whether it's in a perfume form, or my favorite candle scents. In the winter, I like more warm scents, but I'll still go for fruity and floral. You can work with nearly any scent in the winter time!
Here are my favorites!
  • Warm Vanilla and Carmel Scents. For the winter, vanilla and soft sweet scents like caramel are perfect for the winter in perfume or body washes.
  • Sweet Peppermint. Even though this is known as a Christmas scent, I still really like this scent through the earlier months of winter. It's sweet, but very different from your cupcake scents and chocolate scents. I love this scent in both candles and in body scents. 
  • Spices. This is one of my favorite winter candle scents. I love more home-y scents in the winter, and for me, the scent of spieces such as cinnamon is one of them. A candle that have this scent is "Spice" by Bath and Body Works.
  • Cranberry. I love sweet cranberry cents in the winter. It's the fruity scent for the winter time! I love this scent in candles!
  • Sweet Pea. This may not be your typical winter scent, but I put it in this list because it is, in my opinion, an all year round scent. It's sweet and floral, but not too strong for just the spring and summer. This may be a little more for the warmer months, but I still find it suitable for the cooler months. 
What are your favorite winter scents?

I hope this helped!
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