Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter Coat Guide 2012: Countdown to Christmas #4

This is my fourth post in my "Countdown to Christmas" series, which will be about coats. Coats and peacoats are always in for the winter season. Peacoats are a classic way to stay warm and look trendy.
Peacoats look especially cute when you peak a scarf out and pair with a pair of skinny jeans with boots, heels, or flats.
Here are some examples of some trends that I have been seeing this season:

(Descriptions go by row)
  1. Winter white. One color that's in this season with outerwear is white. Since white is a neutral color, it can go with anything. It is also a very classic and clean color, so it can make any outfit more classy.
  2. 70's plaid. If the classic peacoat is too "classic" or sophisticated, try plaid. It's more casual, yet trendy, while still staying warm. 
  3. Faux fur collar. Fur are in and out, and are typically labled as either hot or not. If you want to incorporate the trend and go a little more daring, a faux fur collar is the perfect way to do it. It isn't too much fur, which can put off some people, but just enough to look warm and trending. 
  4. Peter pan coller. The peter pan collar has been in fashion for the past couple seasons, but are mostly seen on tops and tanks. Incorporate the trend subtly with peacoat that has a the popular collar.
  5. Classic navy peacoat. You can never go wrong with a classic peacoat, especially in a classic color. You can wear it, whether you're going casual or formal. 
  6. Cape. For those more daring or more into the trends, try the cape! You don't need to wear the oversized-cape trend to make a statement. A cape coat that hits at the waist is a sophisticated and cute style that I think anyone can pull off. I would especially recommend wearing cape coats with skinny jeans to slim down your figure.
I hope this was helpful and please follow and comment!

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