Monday, December 17, 2012

Gift Guide for Him!

Countdown to Christmas #9! This is a gift guide for the guy in your life, whether or not its your dad, brother, or the lucky guy in your life. Every guy is different so this may need to be adjusted to fit your guys personality.

  1. Cologne sampler for guys. This may be more for the younger guys in your life, like your boyfriend or brother. This kit can give a variety of choices for the guy, for whatever scents the guys like and gives him the chance for trying something new. 
  2. Wallet. Any man always loves getting a wallet. A simple wallet is good for any guy, plus they come with a variety of prices, whether its mor affordable or more high end. 
  3. Ties. Every guy I know lives ties, whether it's formal or casual. You could go for the more classic stripes or simple patterned ties, or you could also be more fun with it and find a tie with his favorite movie, food, or sports team. 
  4. Video games. This is another item that may be for the more younger guy in your life. If you guy is into video games, go through his collection and see what kind of games he likes, such as sports, more violent, racing, etc. 
  5. Custimized phone case. If your guy has a smart phone, get him a fun or useful phone case. Te one shown is one that is a case and wallet together. You could also get one that may have his favorite sports team. 
  6. Electronics. Whether its the iPad mini or any other tablet or laptop, these electronics are perfect for any guy, and just any person in general! It has everything you need in the palm of your hand. 
I hoped this helped!
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