Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gifts for Her!

Countdown to Christmas #2! The holidays are coming up, which probably means gift giving. Gift giving can be hard, whether it's for your friends, mother, or sister. In the second "Countdown to Christmas" post, I picked some of the gifts that I think are perfect for her.

Descriptions go clockwise.
  1. Stila "All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set". This set is good for anyone who loves lip glosses or is just getting into makeup. It practically has your year supply of lip glosses in this kit, with a great variety of colors at a good price! Now $30 at
  2. Philosophy "High Tea Tidings Set". Good for friends or any girl in your life. Any kit that has body products is good if you don't know exactly what she likes. You can't go wrong with these kinds of kits.
  3. Scented Candles. Candles are perfect for moms and women at any age! What mom (or any woman) doesn't love candles? Candles come in such a variety of scents. There's a candle for everyone! There is a wide selection at Try catching their 2 for $20 sale!
  4. Fun phone case. Everyone loves  a fun phone case. From pretty to fun, it's the perfect gift for any friend.
  5. Naked Palette or Naked 2 Palette. Probably the most popular palettes out their. If you know someone who loves makeup, get them this palette! Just make sure they don't already own it. At for $50.
  6. Scarf. Scarves, whether chucky or printed, is something every women loves in the winter time. Finding a scarf that fit's the person's style and personality is a perfect gift for a close friend or sister.
  7. Fragrance Sampler for Her. You can find this at It comes with a good variety of scents, perfect for any girl. Sephora offers them at a wide price range ($18-$75) as well as many different combinations. Plus, there's a voucher inside for a free full-size perfume bottle for the person of your choice. Even a rollerball for less than $20 is a good gift!
  8. Personal Necklace. Small necklaces that are personalized or have some meaning are cute to give during the holiday season. You could splurge on a nicer necklace or buy her several pieces at stores like Forever 21 or Nordstrom BP.
I this helped you and that your gift searching isn't that stressful.
Thanks for reading!
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