Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Fall-Winter Must Haves 2012!: A Countdown to Christmas Post #1

To start off this mini series, I decided to do a post on my fall to winter must haves, whether it be fashion, makeup or skin care. This post will include things that are my must-haves, and will hopefully help any of you who are looking for a little bit of inspiration for preparing for the cooler months.
Here are my must haves:

  1. Trench coat/Down coat. I think that a thick coat is, of course, a must have though this may depend on where you live. If you live in windier and cooler areas, a Trench coat may be your way to go. If you live in more wet areas, a down coat with a hood may be something that will help you stay dry.
  2. Combat or riding boots. Boots are a good way in the fall and winter to keep your feet warm in the cooler months as well as dry. Boots can easily pull an outfit together. 
  3. Natural Blush. The natural look is again in this fall and winter. Add some dimension and color to your face with a subtle light peach-pink blush.
  4. Detailed collared shirts. Collared skirts with detailing around the edges was in this fall and still going to be in this winter. Whether the details are studs, pearls, or embellishments, there is a collared shirt for any style.
  5. Chunky Infinity scarves. Chunky scarves are a must in the winter. They keep you warm and are so versatile.  Look cute while srating warm by having your scarf peek out of a peacoat, while paired with a pair dark skinny jeans and boots. 
  6. Good moisturizer. Since the air is cooler, skin is more prone to get dry easily. Go for a good moisturizer that will quench your skin's thirst.
  7. Red Lips. Red lips are usually in during the holiday time and in the winter, whether it's an orange-red or a deeper red. You can also go either light for vibrant with red.
I hope this helped and thanks for reading!
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